Now you can stream video attachments in Gmail


NEW DELHI: Google has rolled out an update for its Gmail email service, which is aimed at making watching video attachments easier and more convenient for users.

As part of the update, Gmail (for web) now allows video attachements to be streamed directly, instead of requiring them to be downloaded first. When an email contains a video attachment, users will see a thumbnail of the video, along with an option to directly stream it.

A Google blog post detailing the update mentions that the feature uses the same “infrastructure that powers YouTube, Google Drive and other video streaming apps, so video is delivered at optimal quality and availability.”
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This new feature will be rolled out to all Gmail users within the next 15 days.
Earlier this month, Google increased the maximum size limit for attachments with incoming emails in Gmail. Until now, Gmail only supported attachments totalling 25MB in a single email. Any attachments more than that size were saved in Google Drive and then shared with recipients.
But now, Google has doubled up the attachment size capacity from 25MB to 50MB, for all incoming emails. This means that Gmail users can now receive attachments up to 50MB in size from non-Gmail users. However, the maximum size limit for attachments with outgoing attachments is still 25MB.
As before, documents over 25MB in size (for Gmail users) will be saved to Google Drive and shared from there itself. While this is surely a welcome change for users, it would’ve been better if Gmail increased the attachment file size for its users. However, that would’ve probably affected user engagement with the company’s Drive cloud storage service.



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