Opinions -Natural medicine and not alcohol


In Ghana, we are blessed with the best in plant medicine.

Herbal medicine was the order of the day few years ago.
A lot of herbal centres came through with efficacious herbal medicine, curing complicated diseases.

A large section of TV and Radio jingles were associated with herbal adverts. Plant medicine was thriving, saved from dying.

Not too long after this, most of the herbal practitioners changed their “pure medicinal content” to the production of “alcoholic bitters”.
Most of them felt the herbal industry was dying. They realised, they couldn’t survive in the natural medicine industry, than to veer into alcoholic beverages production, which was anticipated to be comfortably marketed and profoundly patronised.

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Now the FDA has strong rules against the advertisement of herbal medicine on TV and radio. A lot of checks go on to prevent exposure to harmful drugs to the populace. This is highly commendable and laudable. The only problem here is, most of the certified herbalists still go through series of checks to be able to keep their herbal products for the mass media.

This puts them in a tight corner making their works extremely difficult. The herbal medicine industry in Ghana is virtually dying.

However, advertisement of alcoholic drinks are glistening and streaming loud on TV and radio respectively. We are now made to believe “alcoholic bitters” are the saviour of our natural health needs. Large numbers of the youth are culprits to this misleading.


For most people, their substitutes for natural medicine are now “alcoholic bitters, because it is the order of the day, by the profuse endorsement on TV and radio.

As a result, preventable deaths and accidents are on the rise in the country.

We are not too far gone, we can control this canker.


-Alcoholic beverage is not the Solution- Let’s go back to natural medicine.