Legon -Here Comes the Polls……Again


Today, Thursday has been fixed for the election of leaders of UG student government. Much has to be said of how the magic of election has completely waned since the electoral commission postponed the polls last week.

Especially now that there is a possibility of a run- off, it will seem even more uninteresting if electorates have to go queue to cast their vote again to elect the victor in case of such a run-off.  A prolonged election is nothing but a bore and will breed skepticism about the authenticity of any results that is to be released after a delay

Students of the University of Ghana expect a warm election atmosphere at polling stations today. Every endeavor undertaken by the EC in relation to the elections should radiate credibility and more importantly, all students; candidates and electorates should repose trust and confidence in the EC and accept any verdict to be pronounced tomorrow in good conscience.