Meet 14-year-old boy who becomes the YOUNGEST to graduate from his college

Fourteen year old Carson Huey-You walks off the stage after receiving a bachelor's degree in physics at the Texas Christian University commencement held in Fort Worth, Texas, on Saturday, May 13, 2017. Huey-You, the youngest student ever to attend TCU, also double minored in math and Chinese since enrolling in 2013. (Louis DeLuca/The Dallas Morning News via AP)

Joy as boy, 14, becomes the youngest to graduate from his college.

– A 14-year-old boy has graduated from college with a physics degree – He became the youngest graduate from Texas Christian University – He insists he’s just a “normal” kid A 14-year-old boy has become the youngest student to graduate from Texas Christian University in the US. Carson Huey-You received his degree majoring in physics and minoring in maths and Chinese on Saturday, May 13. Despite his incredible achievement, Carson is hesitant to accept the label of genius, insisting that he’s just a “normal dude.

In an interview, he said: “I’m a normal dude. It is just something I have learned to deal with because, to me I am not a genius. I am a normal 14-year-old person doing college-level stuff.” Well, his modesty can’t be faulted but one thing is certain—only a genius of sorts would get a college degree in physics at the age of 14.

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And Carson isn’t done yet—he has already decided he wants to attain graduate and doctorate degrees in quantum mechanics. Joy as boy, 14, becomes the youngest to graduate from his college

He said: “Smartphones, computers, electronics — all of that stuff runs on quantum mechanics. If you want smaller technology that fits into smaller spaces, then that’s really where to look.”

Awe-inspiring pictures show the young prodigy lining up with adults to receive his degree. He was accompanied by his mother Claretta Kimp and his younger brother Cannan, who is closely following in his steps. His mother Claretta shed a tear or two as her son graduated and later said she hopes both her sons will give back to society when they grow up.

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Joy as boy, 14, becomes the youngest to graduate from his college