Prince Essiaw From UEW Writes -Defining The Black Woman; The Afrikan’s Perspective

A woman may be given different attributes and definitions depending on her race, looks and attitudes. For those of us that goes by the definition of the whites, it says; _an adult human female._ Now, I think that is just one aspect of the state of being a woman. Our Black dictionary also defines a Black woman in many ways:

First, A Black Woman _/’blak wum’en/_, is a female being of an African descent. Any being who has feminine qualities and originates from the land of the blacks qualifies to be called a black woman. Africans have our own culture. Our origin is so different from the others. To be called a black woman demands the state of being born out of your own culture. A black woman understands where she came from and where she is going. A black woman understands what she was made of. Our Melanin distinguishes us from those from other race. I enjoy the saying ‘Black Beauty’. It reminds me that, we still have women of African descent. There are things that a Black Woman should know.
If you are a descent of the Black Land, your colour must not change. Your hair must not change. Your mind must remain the African mind. It seems our black women are losing them all. The type of hairstyles we see these days does not speak well of us as Africans. Our toning body is becoming a mockery. We are moving from our land. We are no more origins of this land since we have chosen to copy from the other race. I guess we should migrate to the land of the white since we don’t appreciate the melanin we were given. Perhaps, we may succeed in transforming our skin colour since that is what fancies us.
A  Black Woman is a _‘subject of extreme abuse and oppression based upon the inaccurate or faulty (racist) perception of inferiority by the oppressor’_. One thing that they succeeded in doing is destroying ourselves; destroying our knowledge of us thereby making us inferior to them. We have suffered enough. From the times that the oppressors arrived till now, we still suffer from mental illusion. Our dreaming minds are like the mirror. We look through to see our own selves mocking us. Sometimes, I wonder when Africans will stop saluting the white race and respect ourselves.
Maybe there is hope for us. Maybe we must have more patience with our Black Women. They are recovering from hundreds of years of mistreatment, genocide, mis-education as well as misguiding. We must start unlearning everything that they taught us in order to learn what we were never taught. The truth is that, the oppressors were afraid of us. We were distinct from all other races. Our melanin united us.
They feared our unity. They therefore disunited us by misinforming us that everything black is not good. Now, they succeeded in making us like everything about them. Their culture; their way of life. Black Women! You have suffered a lot from the oppressors abuse of your freedom to know yourselves. Stand and show them that what belongs to Africans is not inferior. Our colour, our hair, our type of dresses are fashionable than what they wear.
Scientifically, Black Woman is the mother of civilization; one from whom all life comes forth. We cannot rule out that fact that, civilization started from the Black Land. The 365-day calendar, organized labor, surgical instruments, paper, ink, writing, astronomy, medicine, mathematics, government are some of the few shortlists of Ancient Egyptian inventions. Ile-Ife in Nigeria was recorded to be developed before the contact with the Oppressors. To Black Women, do not be fooled. You are actually the originator of these inventions. You birthed civilization longer before they invaded our land. We must be proud of these. Now, if indeed the black woman is the originator of all what we see today, why should the descendants of the black race not appreciate it but rather copy from those who copied from us? I believe we can still churn out the bad copied way of life and rely on ourselves.
Socially, a Black Woman is one who subscribes and practices thoughts and deeds which promote unity among people of other color. When you look at the roles of the Black Woman, she sees to the unity of the family. In days past, a complete family, from the African perspective says that a complete family includes the village. The black women united their villages. Houses were close enough.
The family tree could make one village. The women were the epitome of a society’s unity. They fought along their men and provided moral support to the family. Now, let us look at the definition of a complete family from the European mindset. _‘A complete family includes a husband, woman and child’_. Great! That is their culture. They are still keeping to it. What of us, the blacks? Do we still keep to uniting our family and societies? Black women, this is the time to pick up your rightful roles. Start uniting us. That is your major role.
  The other words / _Synonyms_/ for ‘Black Woman’ includes wife, mother, sister, leader, teacher and warrior. Start taking up these roles my dear African ladies. These roles are what made our then African women, the real Black Beauties.
Let us look at the  / _adjectives_/ of the “ _Black Woman_’. They are strong, intelligent, beautiful, compassionate, and tireless. These set you in motion as a real African Lady. You are full of intelligence. Let it show in your deeds. Work tirelessly for mother Africa. Have compassion for your children and train them as real Africans.
I have a message from our great Mother, Mama Africa for you. She says, respect yourself, respect your colour, your natural hair, dress the African way and stop copying what they copied blindly from our land. The Real Black Woman will always see to the developing and uniting of Africa. Sweet Mama Africa Says, start uniting us.



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