Sex at AU Garden(KNUST): “Things dey go on for campus in the night oo”


Dirty, shrouded and undignified 11:59 pm. The time. From this time forward on campus, things happen. I saw mine at AU Garden (Kyeremanteng Park) of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) and was goosebumped. The friend I was walking with asked me, “What do you think? So this one wey you no see before? Ibi common bro.” Because the wires had been cut out and illumination was poor, nobody could see you and you could see nobody’s face – just movements. They were smooching and fondling each other like nobody’s business. “Sit on me”, that is what my friend heard so he quickly prompted me to be alert. And behold, she sat on his _it_ and it was happening. Sex, they were having sex at the AU Garden believe it or not. Bizarre huh?

I thought it was rare and that if people get to know of it, they will not believe and desperately crosscheck for want of evidence. One Tuesday, we were discussing issues in my hostel when I said, “things dey go on for campus in the night oo”. Then a friend confirmed saying, “Ah, one day I went to Queens Hall to get movies from a friend. When I was coming back deep in the night, the guy was doing the lady hard at the Parade Ground. Another friend added that “You see the Great Hall main entrance, some stairs be dey there. Closer to the busts.

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One time bi I climb up, the condoms I see. Eiii… boys dey job oo”. Others added more that could have been written but for its nastiness. Often, I was worried about how lighting was poor at the AU Garden and Royal Parade Ground. Not knowing the university administration has been doing their best but lights are deliberately crushed and wires are cut for reasons that are apparent now. This is just one of those things.

11:59 pm into the night. That is when guys watch nude pictures ladies have sent to them. Ladies that when you see on campus you will think are ladies. “How can such a nice lady muddy her integrity?” you will ask yourself. 11:59 pm.The time that some guys meet at havens to smoke weed, sniff sniffables and drink hallucinating concoctions. I met two ladies recently in a shop, their breadth was full of weed fumes. Ladies smoke weed too. That is another batch of things that clandestinely happen which is shrouded in secrecy. Mercy, LORD have mercy.

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Our values are different and nobody cares about what you deem as virtues because we all lost our original prized virtues when we started choosing suit over Kente, Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj over Paa Bobo and Akosoa Agyapong, Davido over Elder Mireku, FunCity over SCC service, bodycorn over slit and kaba, tatters or torn jeans over trousers, deodorant over bathing, make-up over original confidence. Some believe that sex is the reserve of a legit couple. Others believe that it is just for pleasure and it does not even matter who you get intimate with. But for dignity’s sake, can you have sex anywhere? Just anywhere? Even prostitutes have class. Are these people the bad spirits they’ve been talking about? No, if your cognition is on point and your reasoning is above your pitiful emotions, would you behave like an animal? I am insulting no one. I am just doing comparative analysis. Denominations on campus, help us in prayer. Are they not part of these denominations? Who is deceiving who?

Even if you do not respect yourself, ask yourself “what if”? What if you are being recorded secretly? How would you feel when your sex tape goes viral? What if somebody takes a picture of you whiles you are smoking, sniffing and sipping? What if someone chances on your nude pictures, shares them to shame you or use them to blackmail you? In spite of your freedom, what if? Will your freedom be as before? It has never happened but what if it happens? What if?

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Save us the nastiness that is eroding this environment of its moralistic elements. Bedroom; that is where sane people sleep. Let the bulbs and wires remain for its relevance to be felt. Save the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology some resources and anticipated shame. Stop turning these public venues into pornographic sets. Will you be proud of your daughter or son if s/he engages in these acts? If your videos, pictures or audio come out, will people share? Will they watch and stigmatize you?

“Good is not a little bad. It is what it is.”