The University City, Adu Asante Isaiah from UEW writes


The city with invisible laws. You only see them at the entrance of the city, once in a lifetime.

The city with different tribes from many countries.

The city has only three stages. Entering, Staying and Exiting

Many just enter and exit. Very difficult to stay but enjoyable when You are on the correct path.

Many people in one city with a single motive.

Many divergence roads but converge at a junction .

Full of joy at the entrance.

Full of pains at the middle.

Full of equips at the exit.

Living in this city is envious to friends who couldn't enter the entrance.

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Living in this city is a blessing to your parents.

Living in this city is the beginning of life.

I have a story to tell when I go out from this city.

You have a poem to recite after your stay in this city.

We are agents of change.

Remember the University of Education, Winneba is a universal city with invisible laws.

Happy stay in this wonderful city of ours.

Thank you.

By: Adu Asante Isaiah

University Of Education Winneba

History Level 300