We Are The Descendants -written by PRINCE ESSIAW


Over the few weeks, I have realized that, Africans are responsible for their own downfall. There has been this long argument on who is responsible for the slow pace of development in Africa. You see, my friend, we don’t trust in ourselves. We turn to mock our own selves. What is wrong with being black? Read this….


“God told a black man: ask me anything you want and I will give it to you, but I will give double to your neighbor. Then he started thinking. ??If I ask 10 billion he will give 20 billion to my neighbour, if I ask 100 billion, he will give him 200 billion. Then he?e asked God to remove one of his eyes. E?hhhhh Black man”


I see people making mockery of the black man. They say it is a joke. So maybe we should all laugh and make mockery of it. But I don’t understand why similar jokes cannot be made using the white folks. I am not in any position saying Black Men are perfect. Of course, we are not. We are corrupt and full of deceit. I understand that very well. However, we shouldn’t continue to condemn our own selves.

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So who said our white folks are perfect? If man is and cannot be perfect, I see no reason why one race should always be humiliated as if, we are nothing. IF that was a joke, of course the creator could have simply use a ‘man’ instead of saying ‘the black man’. The intriguing aspect of this whole thing is that, it was created by a black man, circulated by the same black people and mocked by the same black people. Gooosshhh! So we mock at our own shadow?


I don’t blame most of us. We are just in a moment of illusion; resurrecting from so many years of self-defaming, brain washed and mental slavery. Sometimes, we forget that we are the descendants of who?

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I read and hear our African stories. The power we weirded; the knowledge we shared; the unity we had. I have heard of the powerful kings that never allowed the ‘beautiful invader’ to take their lands. Haven’t you heard about them? The greatest giants we had. The greatest warriors we had?


Black People in Africa, we invaded paper; it was called Papyrus: on that papyrus was the first form of writing called Hieroglyphics. We used the Papyrus for a natural birth control. We invented condoms; we invented irrigation systems; we knew the science of food; we had the first university; we had great scientists; great architects; great philosophers………._” – Nuri Muhammed.


So I ask myself? The black men we keep mocking had all these? Did your grandfathers and mothers never mention to you? Mine did, they told me about the great Fante Warlords; the giants we had. How they cured diseases and fed themselves; So we keep asking ourselves how they lived longer with no technology? It was because they cherished what their ancestors left for them.


I am reminding you; you are a descendant of the greatest people that ever lived on earth. Anything black is good. Anything black can be better. Hope for the better and trust in that melanin. Strength is what they left us; not fear; not mockery. Condemn such acts of mocking yourself.