A Letter to the First Gentleman of Excellence


A Letter to the First Gentleman of Excellence

Dear Mr. President, it was all fun and a happy moment when you took the mantle. We were happy to hail you on, because for the first time you came from within the ‘direct SHS students’. For the first time, we felt we have had the man, our gentleman; very charming to most ladies. Our hopes were sealed because the plights of students from the University of Excellence were now under a man I personally trust.


It has not been long; just some few months. I don’t seek to talk much or complain much but I still have to cough certain things out. I write this letter in reminding you of the very little things we need. I have always held the view that, our students aren’t the Oliver Twist type. We don’t ask for much. Do we? We just ask for the little things.


Mr. President, it is not the writings we need. We need implementation of what you said. You said you will seek our welfare. Yes, I heard you right. We are demanding for it. Our charges are too much. Being a member of the council places a great task on you to work for your those you represent not to concede to what they say. I have been in this institution for quite a number of years. Each year, we see an increment in charges. Name it! The school fees and hall charges without any improvement in facilities? Have you not seen Sir? You keep giving us hopes in the air. We have to face the reality!

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Honourable, as I have said, there are little things we need. We are not asking for the whole world. We aren’t asking for communiqués. We are fed up with the long messages on social media.


First of all, Mr. President, we ask that you see to the installment of audio extended equipment in our large lecture halls. I believe this is not much to do. After all, the body can undertake a project in malfunctioning USB disks. If they were able to purchase that, of course, you can fix speakers in lecture rooms.


Honourable, we need ‘lights’ in the study areas. Sadly, for us, the North Campus for instance has only five small summer huts of which only two has light for studying at night (as at the end of last semester). The SRC pavilion has no functioning electric sockets and lights for studying. It is this we seek. How much is the price of a bulb or a wire? Calculate the amount you give to L/A members as allowance and compare it with the price of fixing lights for students to study.You can do something sir!

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Mr. President, have you not heard if not seen that students are repeatedly attacked by robbers? We are asking what you are doing about it. I don’t know how the suggestions made at LA are implemented? I know our reps do complain on such things, but where does it go?  Sir, simply put, you can fix lights at dark places where students are robbed. Should I have even said it? You know it but I don’t know why you don’t do it. You complain about money, yet allowances are paid without delays. Are allowances so important than students’ welfare?

Honourable, as for the problems of the Halls, they are enormous. As I said, the very little once, can’t you fix them? Don’t tell me the halls have their managers and leaders so you leave it to them. Remember you have promised us of our welfare. What about the hostels? We are suffering there.


Lastly Mr. President, WiFi is down. I don’t need to remind you this. You know it. Sadly for us, the administrators of the school have full access to the network. Whereas students suffer to get it for our research, they are strong not only at their offices, but their bungalows. I understand very well that, the administration need internet service at a very high speed to work. Perfect! But do they also need it at their homes whereas students don’t have access? Pass by their bungalows and you will visibly see WiFi connections and poles all over. Do they also work at home? Maybe I need clarification. So Honourable, we also need access to it; for research and for wider studies.

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Sir, I know it has not been long you took over but you still need to think about these little things we need. You may ask why I am not complaining about the school administration. You may shift some of the responsibilities to the administration but all that I know is, I voted for you to represent me. I don’t need to complain about administration or the council. I don’t need any excuse. I know you are there in my name and you represent the students so I complain to you. Start fixing these little things. Let us know you are indeed for us. Enough of the long communiques. Start Work!


written by: Prince Essiaw