Health according to World Health Organisation (W.H.O)  is the physical, mental or the social well-being of an individual and not merely the absence of diseases or infirmity, Yes it’s true we cannot afford to attain health 100% according to WHO’S definition of health but still we are given the effrontery and the mandate to make a suitable balance, but what do we intend to do as an individual or society at large? We prefer normally making the already unstable health more unstable like isotope of carbon, how do we make this balance of a healthy living then? Permit me to steer my wheel to an area where we have all the mandates and the power to make our healthy lives revolve or turn around a very good pivot if we intend and are very decisional and disciplined to put in the little effort as individual and a country at large, Are we going to litter around the society we found ourselves always with enormous wastes or rubbish? Are we going to continue the lackadaisical attitudes of defecating openly in our recreational inlets and outlets? Are the beaches that are meant for relaxation or recreational ground supposed to be what we made it be or looking now? Are we going to encourage the throwing of wastes in water bodies that same serve as sources of the drinking water? Do we think we can run or escape from the cholera like we’re trying every hook and crook to fly from the endemic malaria? The questions are just countless but if we allow God to turn things around for our good like the popular Gospel Ghanaian artist Joe Mettle, we would indeed not be the cleanest or wealthiest country or individuals in the world but we would not be denied the manifestation of the fact or the adage that “health is wealth”

According to a thorough research, findings and investigations, New Zealand, Switzerland, Ireland, Estonia, Iceland, Cuba seem to be the cleanest country in the whole world, do you know how some of the simple ways they achieved this great accomplishments? In New Zealand, even after chewing a gum and you are found throwing it anywhere and anyhow, you would be found wanting, unlike here in Ghana where we play foolery with even the highest individual’s treason because we affiliate and engulfed ourselves with too much partisan politics, so it is very difficult to say it’s blue even if it is white in everybody’s cornea.

Switzerland, Iceland, Ireland, Estonia just to mention few who happened to be the few cleanest country in the world didn’t achieve that dream with the mind-set that, when I throw a sachet rubber anyhow and anywhere, Zoomlion is ever ready or are put to the test to be highly and effectively at their task but again if that ideology of the Ghanaian cerebrum is indeed true, I think this definitions of PERSONAL HEALTH according to WHO again it’s a blatant lie… “Are theories and practices of assessing, correcting and preventing those measures that can adversely potentially affect the health of the current and the future generations?”

If bringing in policies or laws in our country just like the listed countries above do before this great changes occur, why not? Why not we employ their winning healthy tactics? Yes they award you penalty for emptying your urinary bladder through your penal or vaginal outlets just carelessly with that, we can attest to the fact that urine control is not only hormonal control but it is controlled at its best when the party or the victim involve his/her medulla in the process.

“Cleanliness is next to godliness” as the Christian’s manual (Holy Bible) says or implies, even an atheist with all his doubts in his hearts is strongly and solidly behind this Scripture more suitably, not forgetting Science, one major area which continue to be on the endless search, research, findings or investigations to refute and undermine God’s mysterious workings and doings even agree constantly to this Scripture.

Ghana is a great nation, our country Ghana can be greater than even Britain because it has every resources on top and under it to make it add more value and worth to its already great aesthetic value, we are assured of a better future, a cleaner Ghana, a healthy Ghana, but it can be more achievable when we choose to do exactly what’s right even if it’s on our left, We can make a change, but that change starts from you and me, it’s start from our individual thoughts towards the changes we dreamed of becoming it’s realities, the government and it’s accolades are not going to stop every misfortune from happening to us good citizens directly, some of these problems are just citizens centered, we cannot do it with the verge of being just spectators especially when we the citizens become the victims of the countless plights many times, Remember that when you put that sachet rubber or rubbish untimely and wrongly in that place, you’re not only inviting a disease for yourself, you’re ignorantly piling it up for the unborn or upcoming generations, Ghana can be great again if you  and I, are patriotically involved but not politically involved in building or plastering it’s crevices.

Student Nurse,


(Nurses Training College, HO)



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