4 Areas Every New Employee Should Avoid, To Keep Their Job


With over 12% of Ghana’s population being unemployed, a majority of them being the youth, many go to great lengths to protect their job. Many are careful to ensure their actions work to cement their place in an organisation.  Here are a couple of areas in the office that if overstepped, could quickly kill your career.

1. Office Politics
Right from the executive manager, power narrows down to that cleaner you encounter every morning. People within the office might take advantage of this distributive narrative for personal gain. A responsible ‘YOU’ should not mess up the hierarchy to suit your personal needs or gain favors from the company. Perform your tasks to the optimum, go by the rules and give a deaf ear to bad politics. This is a sure way to keep your job.

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2. Office Conflict
Let’s face it, disagreements arise at the workplace all the time. But how you handle them is what matters most. A physical altercation is a sure way to get fired. Conflicts are part of any working environment, however, one must learn how to settle them without causing body or psychological harm to a co-worker. Divergent views ought to be accommodated.

3. Office Gossip
You might think of it as ladies’ problem but this one cuts across the sexes at work. Numerous things occur at the workplace and your coworkers may talk about them in the open or secrecy. Gossiping a fellow employee presents a dented of them and this wrecks their confidence and performance.

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4. Office Relationships

Getting intimate at the office violets work ethics hence I never recommend intimate relationships at work. A terrible break-up will, without doubt, spoils how the two of you relate to working. You will talk ill of each other and the moment this gets to the top management, one or both of you may be sent packing.