Article: The Power of a Diary


Life is a transition and the only sure way to skip a step is through death. Living things are always afraid of death. I do not know exactly what life after death offers but I am very sure of the offers in the journey of life. Every second that life brings is as important as a heartbeat; waste a second and risk a chance of self doom in life. There is this common say that “Time is money”. If indeed Time is very precious, then it is important to keep records of the wasted time. We must be very cautious of every second that passes out; it is very important. A second can make you and can unmake you. Many of us know this. We need to pay much attention with things we do with our time.

I believe also that, in as much as it is important to pay attention to the time yet to be spent, it is equally important to pay particular attention to time spent. God in his own wisdom made mankind with an important organ: the brain. One of the important function of this organ is to be able to remember past events in our lives. In as much as we try, we cannot remember every single thing. To me, every occurrence in our transitional life is very necessary to reflect on. We do not have to remember some events and forget others. Since our brain cannot remember everything from our past, I am making a recommendation to all of us.

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When I was discussing this theme with one tutor, she was of the view that, computer processors can equally store information. Well, it is very true. We need to use any accessible means in documenting events in our lives but let us not forget its shortcomings.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a diary is a book with spaces for each day of the year in which one notes appointments or information. It is a book in which one keeps a daily record of events and experiences. Equitably, a diary works similar to the brain. They perform similar functions.

When I was twelve, I learnt how to use a personal diary. My dad used to document everything. Especially when there was an important event, like when my elderly siblings started school, got jobs and married. Dad will ask me to climb to the wooden ceilings and quote those dates there. My house, if not for paintings would have been a record keeper. Even when the house was repainted, dad will always re-quote dates and events on ceilings and walls. Entering my room, I have a clear sense of the family’s past and important events of history like the Eclipse of the sun which I witnessed, Political events, world news, etc.  Dad will always document every single event in his personal daily. I got to learn that. It was boring when I started, especially the days I forgot to record activities. Sooner than later, I got to like it. I never saw the essence of those little records until I entered into historical studies.



My diaries, Sunday school notes, school activities thought me who I was. At times, If I pick them, I laugh at my handwriting then, and my wrong spellings. I am happy today because, those documents give me a better reflection of what has happened in my past. I appreciate the good ones and correct the negatives. I have therefore come to learn the power of the diary.

A diary helps in getting pressure released. As we hustle in the hassling world, our activities can trigger undesirable feeling or emotions. Talking to someone about your daily activities is a sure way of releasing stress. Inking it on your diary is like shouting it out. A sure way of releasing pressure.

A diary helps in making new progress. Tseng Tzu said: ‘Each day, I examine myself on three counts: whether or not I am loyal to those in whose behalf I act; whether or not I am trustworthy in dealing with friends; whether or not I practice what is imparted’ – (Zhu, 2004:55). This saying reminds us that, every day we should review what we have done and make new progress. The best way to making progress is recording those daily activities down and reflecting on them.

A diary helps us in getting double happiness in life. There are special moments that we spend during the transition. Those moments might come only once in life but a sure way of reawakening those moments is by recording them into your diaries. If possible record them with photos. Reflect on these happy moments some years after and you will surely get yourself happier this time.


Diary helps in knowing ourselves better. If you find hard to talk your privacy with your friend, “a book friend” is the one who will never betray you. You can share the most privacy and secret just like to talk with your deep heart

Finally, this is my recommendation to you; my special reader, a diary helps us to reflect on our past. Making us know the ups and downs of our previous activities. Do not just get one, make one. Diaries are not for showing off. It is not part of fashion neither does it add anything to your gentleness. It has a great power; the power of knowing thy self and thy history. It helps you to know who you were some years back and the things you have done. I suggest you make a diary. Make your powerful tool of knowing your past.



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