Letter to the Current UEW SRC Administration


A lot is expected from every leader and it’s on this note I wish to
write you this letter.

Dear Sir,

I’m elated to write to inform you not to repeat the mistakes and
financial misappropriations  your predecessors engaged in  because if
you do, posterity will never forgive you
but before I do that  let me steal this opportunity to congratulate
you on winning SRC Presidential election thereby becoming the SRC
president of this noble University institution in the year ahead.

I would like you to be genius and innovative enough and for that
reason,  I want to implore you and your administration to to change
the status quo.
We don’t want the situation where sewerage is spilled on the campus
i.e. an area closer to the bush canteen where SRC lived unconcerned.
The toilet from our various WCs are spilled on campus without the
school authorities thinking about its dare repercussions on the health
of the students. I would like you and your administration to address
this pertinent issue.

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Also, I would like you and your administration to talk to the
university authorities to fix broken WCs in our various lecture halls
most especially faculty of science block. Because students find it
difficult to attend to nature’s call when the need arises.

Moreover, I have been here for the past three years but cannot boast
of any innovative ideas or policies that address the plights of the
students .
We don’t want the repetition of past events where we pay SRC dues but
we are given nothing at the end of the day.
But what I’m told and I know is every effective leader is transparent
and accountable to its followers  and we expect that from the current
SRC administration.

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Lastly,we don’t want the situation whereby building of summer hats and
and provision of dustbins could be the only legacy an SRC
administration could boast of neither do we want the distribution of
faulty pendrives.

Since this is my first letter to you, I would not speak much.
My next letter will factor the financial clearance issue.


Adjei Danso Alex
Health Administration and Education
Level 400