LEVEL 100 – The Fresh Lone Rangers


By default they, or is it ‘we,’ start off academically with 4.00 GPA, yet many (of us) are seen loitering around the four walls of University of Education, Winneba.

As I hold in my matriculation ceremony booklet in my hostel and compare it with that of my roommate- a level 300 student, the influx of student entering the UEW, is at an all-time high.

Could this be against backdrop the of “free SHS” era? I rhetorically ask because this isn’t peculiar to only UEW, the UNIVERSITY OF EXCELLENCE. It’s across other tertiary institutions.

Our naivety, anxiety and remarkable dose of clueless is often exposed with belonging to a ‘brand’ new academic culture alongside, there are the self-doubt moments, what i chose to call ‘the am-I -right’ syndrome.

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To the teenagers among us, it’s a time we think we are “free-to-do –anything” but to the matured colleagues, it isn’t any different form the “real life world” – at least for those who’ve left home for years.


In spite of the freedom you’re have to enjoy, one can’t lose sight and thought of the ‘academic mafia’- the oldies know exactly what this mean. If you’re serious about reaping the best the UEW has to offer to you, buckle up, as you’re in for a crazy-but rewarding cruise of academic journey – it all depends on you.


A fresher should, or is it must, know the inside-out of the university, who and what to flow with, because it really matters.  As captured by an American scholar Khalid Yasin “The University is like a mine-field, if  you  don’t  know  where  the  bomb is at, you ‘re going to step on one or two of them  in those four years, you may never recover …” certainly a call for fresher’s to thread cautiously into signing up to any society on campus not only will it waste much of their productive time-which is of great essence in the new milieu they are into, but detrimental to their both spiritual and academic endeavor here.


I pray, In sha Allah (God-willing) our stay here will be fruitful so we can leave positive footprints in the annals of education in Ghana and beyond.

Follower fresh men and women, tighten your spikes, lace and brace up as the four year marathon baton has been handed over to us. In fact, the race is ON!





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