Knowingly or unknowingly we do things that gradually become habits. As you know habits are hard to let go. For whatever reason you formed them, you need to let them go.

These are are main unhealthy habits to get rid of:

Trying To Please Everyone
Doing something nice for your loved ones, we agree it’s acceptable. My worry is, forming a habit of pleasing everyone, at the expense of your beliefs and self value. You struggle so hard to please people that don’t even notice you exist. You sacrifice alot, just to make them smile, but what for? You need to stop that. Do what you genuinely feel comfortable with and what will make you feel good. It’s not your job to make people smile, leave that to comedians, afterall, they get paid to put smiles on people’s faces.

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Fearing Change

Change!  Such a small word, scares the hell out of people but necessary.  You are unhappy,  uncomfortable and yet you won’t change.  Just the idea of letting go of certain things or habits in your life for a change freaks you out. Yes,  change freaks me out too but change is necessary. You’ve changed alot over the years,  why not try something new for a change now,  Huh?  Trust me you,  you won’t regret it.

Living In The Past
“You know, it happened to me in the past and I didn’t like the results”, “I will never do what I did before again”, “Don’t do that, I did the same in the past, it didn’t go well.” The past. It can take hold of you like strong chains that are unbreakable. It will instill fear in you, doubt in yourself and worse make you think you can’t get better results this time. Am not saying, take an overdose of pills, then expect to end up in Obama’s hands instead of hospital or even dead. All am saying is, don’t hold on to your past, do not let it stop you from doing things and living a happy life. You deserve to enjoy this day and the days to come.

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Putting Yourself Down
As humans, we all doubt ourselves at times. Always thinking your not enough, or you don’t deserve it or doubting your abilities is not okay at all. You are you, unique, you are someone’s role model believe it or not. Someone secretly wants to be you. Feeling good in your own skin and seeing the best in you is an amazing thing. You get the courage to do things and explore the world. Words of affirmation can reaffirm your self confidence.

Over Thinking
Just stop over thinking. Just take a minute at a time. A relationship failing does not mean it’s your fault. If someone hasn’t said anything, why try to think what they are thinking? Am quite sure every time you do that you end up hurting yourself. Take things as they are. Don’t ever overthink.


Being unhappy is caused by these little habits that we acquire. Letting them go takes time, determination, commitment and above all, every day practice. You deserve to happy remember, so let go of those silent assassins of happiness.