You have done well for climbing the educational ladder to this level.
There is the need to congratulate and commend you guys for clinching
this feet because you started with a lot :
some lost their lives, others stopped on the way and many bought the
forms but were not admitted but by the doings of God, you have sailed
through and you are finally here.
I welcome you all and I say ” me ma mo akwaaba ooo ”

I think you have by now realized that you are in a new environment and
a new community where you have to put your own food on your dinning
table, where there is nothing like compulsory prep, where you can
decide to attend or forfeit lectures, where notices are pasted on
notice boards,  where you can decide not to submit or do assignment
etc but I have the following commandments for you, they will help and
keep you and draw success to your door steps and drive away troubles.


Prepare your personal timetable according to how you have lectures in
the week, stick to it, discipline yourself and follow it strictly.
Make sure to read over everything taught at lectures in a day.
The class you will send home depends on what you do now, build a
formidable foundation by making good grades in this your first
semester.Always remember, success depends on effort and hardwork
subdues failure.
Learn and learn hard but never get scared or get intimidated by how
others learn and what others say about you,  form study groups where
necessary and never pile up lecture notes until a quiz date is
That will mount pressure on you and whenever you study under pressure,
you are likely to fail.
Learn how to swim early.

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Remember where you hail from and what your family demands from you.
Remember your identity, also remember, bad company corrupts good
Never compare yourself to others but know why you are here.Some want
to just complete the university and their family will give them
applause, others don’t care about the class they will send home while
others came to create a niche for themselves.
Know the category you belong and know the class to associate with and
those to dissociate from.
Surround yourself with serious minded students but discard the indolent ones.


Be careful no one breaks your heart because most campus love is fake.
The guys will try to convince you and do everything to win your heart
but will eventually dump you after they have had their way through
you, likewise, some women will force themselves on you and will make
you believe they are cheap but by the time you realize, you have been
drained of your money.
Be vigilant about the one you choose to date, if not, iguana will be
used to deceive you for you to believe it’s a lizard.



Manage your time and use it judiciously. Know when to learn, when to
watch football match, when to attend church meetings and when to go to
the beach.
Apportion your time and use it properly.
Less I forget, be careful when you are at the beach, tread cautiously
because almost every semester, a student drowns in the sea.
If you don’t know how to swim, don’t try, don’t be tempted because had
I known is always at last.

Get past questions for every course you are doing for it will serve as
a guide that will direct you on how to learn.
It will help you to know how the lecturer sets his or her questions
and what he or she normally demand from students.

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Meditate on this commandments everyday everytime , depart not from it
but let it ring in your head like a bell, write it on the tablet of
your heart and mind and just as those ahead of you made it, you shall
also make it, failure shall never come near your portal let alone
entering and the gates of dismissal or repetition shall never come
near you.
Climax everything with prayers, seek for the Lord’s favour before the lecturers.

I want to end this with one of my favorite quotes
Your destiny is in your hand.

Adjei Danso Alex
Department of Health Administration and Education