L Kay’s take: “UEW All Praise” the Bar Raiser

7th October 2017, will definitely go down in history books as one of, if not the best night as far as religious events are concerned. Every second of the program is worth talking about but journey with me as i go through some of the major highlights.
Welcome Address
I doubt i am the only one who gets inspired everytime the SRC president addresses students, how he does it? Am yet to find out but he did it againand one thing patrons will definitely not forget is the welcome address by the SRC president, H.E. Patrick Agyei. He left patrons wowed and gave students a reasons to trust in his leadership.
Every group seem to have come really prepared and every group delivered perfectly even though some had real short time to perform.
I can’t talk of performances not make mention of mass choir and minister Noah, he is such a wonderful singer no wonder patrons kept asking for more after his every performance.
Evangelist Diana Asamoah; what more can I say, she is known for her powerful ministration and she definitely didn’t disappoint.
Minister Francis Amo; for a moment i wondered how much he was paid because the man really performed more than he might have charged lol, and he was just even getting started
and wait…..! Did you think Catholics don’t sing well, vessels of worship  proved you wrong. Mass theater wanted to steal every show, it made performances interesting though.
The auditorium wasn’t just over packed, we had people peeping though the glasses.
Amazingly organizers managed to get the Ag. Vice chancellor, Rev. Prof. Afful Broni, the dean of student affairs and other high profile lecturers at the program.
Everyone wanted to dance badly that passage lanes were blocked, cadet and protocol obviously had a tedious job controlling the crowd but in all it was awesome.
Lightning and sound was perfect even though sound was too loud for those in the reserved seats that some actually had to relocate to save their ears.
Organizers didn’t forget to be Ghanaians, the program didn’t start on time, this contributed to the late closure and some groups not getting the chance to perform. I think this should be looked at next time.
A good show was put together with the help of the committee, SRC Chaplin,The PRO’s Manuel and Lorenda, the SRC Media Facilitator Daniel Badasu and NUGS Treasurer. No wonder Ag. VC says it is one of the highlights he has ever seen in UEW.
The bar has been raised, will the next SRC event be better? We will know in no time.
Lord KingTinz ( L Kay)
English level 300



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