Systems in UEW must begin to work.
When President Barack Obama came to Ghana, he commended the Leadership
of the Country  for the availability of human and natural resources
but charged us to have a working institutions.He said our institutions
must begin to work.
It seems certain institutions mandated to execute particular tasks are
not kept on their toes and are not punished for their flaws and delays
in line of their duties.

We have similar institutions in this noble University, UEW which are
working below the belt and I would like to draw the attention of the
editor to this.
Many colleagues including me have been in this University since 2014
and are now in our final year but are yet to  receive our students’ ID
which is a  cause for alarm.
We were told to take another photograph when we were in level 100,
when they realized the ones we used when applying could not meet the
standard they were looking for but to no avail.


Just last Semester, we were told to take another photograph but we
have still not received our IDs as I write to you.
The most annoying part is when we came to school this semester,there
was a notice directing us to go to the Dean of Science’s Office just
to see that the IDs available were for those who had already been
given,  meanwhile, we have not received ours since 2014!!
What kind of incompetence is this?
I think people must begin to lose their jobs, heads must roll and
those in charge must be sacked or charged to discharge their duties as
expected of them.
We need our students’ ID now!!.

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I hope this will be sent to the notice of the appropriate quarters for
it to be addressed as soon as possible.
I rest my case

Adjei Danso Alex
Health Administration and Education