The teacher is the icon and orchestrator of a nation’s dreams and aspirations. A nation cannot do without teachers. The roles teachers play in the life of an individual cannot be under estimated.
The teacher made me to believe that it is easy to achieve whatever dream I have in life. He lead me onto the path of determination, hard work, positivity and optimism. The teacher is so dear to my heart.
However, the teacher is the least celebrated among all the professions especially in Ghana. We celebrate other professions and rate them high above teachers. Meanwhile it is the teacher that made them who they are. It is the teacher that taught them to become useful in the society.
The teacher is most the time humiliated by students, parents, government officials and so called “better professions”.
On this day of world teachers’ day, I rise to celebrate teachers all over the world especially those in Ghana for their hard work, dedication and devotion to shaping the dreams and aspirations of the Ghanaian child.
I call on all Ghanaians to respect and appreciate the teacher. Let us celebrate them for they are the heroes of nation building.
Yes, it is true that all professionals can boast but the teacher taught them all.
If you can read this, then thank a teacher now. Give your teacher a call. Let him feel appreciated.
Happy world teachers’ day to all dedicated, devoted and hardworking teachers across the globe.
Congratulations and may you be blessed abundantly.
Samuel Egbadewoe
UEW-Winneba Campus