L KAY writes: UEW must build DANSO SAKYI a statue!


If you are reading and wondering who Danso Sakyi is, he is King George from the popular Ghanaian TV series;  YOLO! Affectionately called Chiiief. Yes he is definitely one of your favorite characters in the most successful TV series of our time.

I am saying he should be built a statue and I know this may sound absurd in most ears and obvious questions that might follow this are; Why should he be built a statue?
Aren’t there people that deserve it most?
Good! Let me be a typical Ghanaian and answer a question with a question.
How many talents can the school boast of?

Which of them has chalked the amount of success Chiiief has chalked in recent times?

He hasn’t just made a name for himself but also made UEW and the Department of Theatre Arts proud. He is part of the team that has resurrected an almost dead movie industry and given hope to writers and directors of TV series in the country not forgetting up and coming actors and actresses.

This alumnus has made the school proud with little or no help at all from the University. He started the hustle even before he gained admission into UEW,

He was the host of Teen Sports and Teen talk on Skyy Digital TV 2009 to 2010 and 2009 to 2012 respectively, he also hosted Opinion Wave on Radio Midas 2012 to 2013.

In 2013 he began hosting a social media-heavy show named SOTIVI on Viasat 1 which he did till 2015 and then came his biggest win yet, a role in arguably the best Ghanaian TV series so far where he played the amazing role of ‘King George’ you don’t need a degree in movie directing to know that he nailed his role.

Before this breakthrough he committed his voice for a jingle for handset giants – Huawei in 2015, in 2016 he played another amazing role in a stageplay titled “The Class”, he also was the lead actor for the “Women in Politics” Ad for the Ministry of Women & Children Affairs – before you stop wooowing he also was the host for the National Population Council & the office of the Second Lady of the Republic of Ghana Adolescent Reproductive Health Week and the FanMilk “FanMaxx FuelYourDay” Launch – MC with Berla Mundi all in 2017. I’m sure you have spotted him on the giant King Cracker Biscuits billboards!

Fasten your seat belts! He also won the Best Actor, Supporting Role at the 2016 Ghana Movie Awards. He has also won some recognitions from NUGS and SRC in UEW and just recently his play titled “YOU RAPED ME” which tackles the issues of rape culture was staged in the Amu Theatre to critical acclaim of audience and lecturers alike.

This is but just a few of “French Mon-tana’s” achievements in a time that most guys his age are just thinking about six packs and getting Facebook likes.

The point is we need to celebrate our own, projecting Danso Sakyi wouldn’t just show the world how proud the school is about one of the best talents it has ever produced but it will also be a motivation for current and future students.

I think there is no need to talk much now that you’ve seen what the young icon has done in these few years, now i know you understand me and agree that



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