5 Reasons Why Online Dating Is Perfect For Introverts


The stigma that first came with online dating has reduced significantly. With more people considering online dating everyday, having a Tinder account is not so strange anymore . Despite the growing number of online scammers, people still choose to give it a try. Why is it so?

Here are 5 reasons why you should give online dating a try:

1.It is easy and convenient
Online dating does not require you to be in a specific place, at a specific time. You can log in your profile anytime, at your convinience. One can talk to people anytime and anywhere without having to check who is around and feeling all nervous. Guess what? You even get to ask for help if you don’t know how to keep the conversation going. It perfectly fits in your schedule.

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2.Unusual terms
Yes, unusual terms ! One might prefer certain thing, for instance they are the dominant type or submissive type. It makes it easier for one to sieve the ones who share one’s preferences.It also saves one from the social judgement and branding based on one’s judgements. No one around you needs to know your sexual preferences. It remains a secret to you and your partner.

3. It eliminates awkward confrontation
One doesn’t have to worry about being turned down publicly . Rejection hurts, and for those who can’t take it, online dating is the place to be.

Saves one time. One could spend five hours talking to multiple partners online, trying to find the right one. Something that can’t happen in real life. Online dating saves one’s time, energy and expenses .

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5.A large dating pool
A million people online are looking for partners, there are unlimited chances of meeting one. Endless opportunities of finding the right one without having to be in socially awkward situations.

Statistics say a third of online daters get to meet their partners. Not much but it doesn’t hurt to try. If it fails, too bad; if it works, perfect. Either way it doesn’t hurt to use the technology to find the one.