Be alert, wathful, mindful, cautious and circumspect in all you do and
how you carry yourself about.

Remember where you come
from, how your parents have struggled to raise you, the menial jobs
they do and how they have managed to raise funds for your upkeep.

Don’t be a shallow minded idiot who only gallavant around just to
bring trouble to compound the existing ones your parents are trying to

Stop the comparisons but be content with what you have.
Spend prudently but not extravagantly.
You are claded in a rag so avoid agressive struggles.
You can’t boast of anyone who will stand and defend you but you keep
on causing mayhem, giving your parents sleepless night all because you
always sniff for trouble and you get one.

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Be a child everyone will be proud of and would like to have, don’t be
a  thorn in the flesh of your parents but be a benchmark for others to
reckon on.

A child who tries to kill an elephant must be ready to carry it, on
this note, i’m imploring you to live within your means, cut your
clothe according to your size.

A child who incessantly fall sick must also be ready to swallow bitter
pills, if you search for trouble you will find but be ready to carry
the burden and the punishment it comes with.

Heed to good counsel but do not rebel for rebellion is as sinful as witchcraft.

Adjei Danso Alex

Departement of Health Administration
level 400