Free Bus Brouhaha – UCC SRC Prez Speaks


President of the Students’ Representative Council of University of Cape Coast, Henry Arthur, has expressed displeasure at the negative feedback from students with regard to the free busing service launched by the SRC.

According to him, the free busing initiative which is currently running on pilot basis is to enable students attend lectures on time and without hassle, however the response from students has so far not been positive.

The pilot programme was launched a week ago by the SRC, in collaboration with metro mass transit to convey students from their various residences.

At a general assembly held last Wednesday, the president disclosed that the initiative costs the SRC an amount GHS 6,120 per day. This revelation has not gone down well with students.

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Free bus service on campus

To clarify some issues relating to the free busing project, Mr. Arthur on ATL FM’s “A Week on Campus” on Saturday, explained that the policy has not yet been initiated, hence the approval of students at another general assembly meeting will determine the endorsement or rejection of the policy. In his words, “We are not bound to do this piloting… it is within the powers of GA to even say which programme to stop”.
UCC SRC President – Henry Arthur

Arthur added that, students may be obliged to pay an amount of GHS 42 per academic year, should they be levied for busing.

However, to prevent incurring further costs, the president said, based on a consensus by the student body, some subjacent projects organised by the SRC may be removed to cover the cost for the free busing should it be approved.

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He further assured the entire student body of his dedication to fighting for better conditions for them.