MINISTER OF PEACE – by Marfo Hussain



I know I can’t please everyone, no matter how well I perform, because even those ordained by God failed and are still failing on that regard, but my central objective of coming to this world of the living is to cause contentment within the hearts of every living being, particularly man.

I will strive to identify, if not to deal with, the hurdles on my road to achieving the said goal. Not man alone, ‘short of’, ‘inadequate’, and ‘lack’ are among the tough hitches I pray to smash and do away with all the days of my life. To my best of knowledge and as a minister in this respect, I believe such an approach is a right way and a prerequisite of acquiring food for the hungry, water for the thirst, strength for the weak, money for the poor and even life to the dead. Of course, existence of peace does not only define the situation where one does not hear gunshots or bomb explosions or seeing the unnecessary use of physical strength against innocent persons. One or a living creature is seems to be at peace when the most pressing need is acquired.

I earn no amount of money whatsoever from anyone; not monthly nor yearly, never. However, I consider my office as the most important of all other offices worldwide. Due to its magnitude, in fact, my obligations surpass my strength but that notwithstanding I refuse to leave my duty undone. Therefore I implore and employ the service of all, including head leaders of all nations and ministers of various grounds to suspend their duties and join hands with me, except those of international relations and affairs. With them, my only duty is to intensify their enthusiasm towards work for glorious outcomes. To continue the promotion of world peace, my employees and other partners will have huge task to perform in addition to those whose enthusiasm is going to be intensified. These tasks include seizure of weapons of mass destruction production and terrorism, killing and burying our mess and sweeping away the evil characters in every individual through sanctions while we on the other hand ensure speedy but intensive mass education on the need for peace.


Appointments and other forms of awards shall be given, with time, to stimulate positive change and adherence. These appointees will not only remain my representatives but will continue to advocate for the essence of peace establishment and its maintenance. With this, no living creature will ever live to smell, not to think about witnessing World War III, never! It is harmful to realise that just as I speak, some countries claim and is noticed to be ready in all spheres for the said war, should it happen now. Most of these call themselves “developed”, “rich” and “superior”. My question is do people with these tags breath, eat or do they respond to stimuli or does blood circulate in their veins? If the answer is nothing but “yes”, then they should also remember that they are digging their own graves. To avoid the early use of these graves, I admonish that not excluding a single soul, we all don’t have to think about this war, and don’t have to be ready for it; anyone does that in vain.

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A lot is what man need in his living, aside those I mentioned, such as money, food and shelter and life dreams. Some of them are accomplished, others are not. But I believe all these needs are only the penultimate of a more valuable resource which has been silent (but needed) for long in this planet, which is peace –Peace to the living. It is the seal to all our needs, and that all those needs are efficiently and happily utilised when it is present.

Been the worldwide minister of peace, I have faith in my office and the responsibilities I play, with support from others. The consequences of this venture are overwhelming and every average-minded person will understand why I am saying so –Life will no more limit itself to war (or conflict), turbulence and grieve. It will no more limit itself to premature death and trials; where all living creatures including even animals will not be caused to death prematurely due to hunger and poverty. But life will rather explain to man why it should be enjoyed to the fullest.

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One of my facilitators is undoubtedly a well promising organisation currently winning the bet –Advocates for National Development in UEW and UST. It is an unforgettable wheel where my proceedings revolve. Remember, nothing is comparable to peace, except you won’t consider life and for that matter your life. That is why everything valuable, even life, can be bought and enjoyed, but not peace.

Take a seed from my message and be willing to plant it somewhere safe in your heart for you will harvest it someday when I’m gone. For me, I will end my words now, because I started, but practically my mission still continues. Peace Be Unto You!


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Marfo Hussain (Tutor, Real Amass)

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