SHOCKING!!!: Student Rapes Lecturer


A student at South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU) in Kitui has been arrested after allegedly raping his University lecturer. The heinous incident happened at dawn while the lecturer was in the office. The lecturer was rushed to Kwa Vonza Dispensary for treatment. This happens even after another student in Moi university was yesterday raped and murdered in cold blood. Students yesterday block university bypasses protesting against the beastly act.

Rape is rarely reported in the East African Nation’s because of the stigma and a lack of faith in the justice system, although there are strong laws against sexual assault. Overseas rape and sexual assault in universities and colleges have hit the highest mark and currently a debate is ongoing on whether to allow students to own guns and firearms within their residential places.

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The penalty for rape is a minimum sentence of 10 years’ imprisonment, which may be enhanced to life imprisonment in Kenya. According to Kwavonza Lower Yatta OCS David Terer, the student, Joseph Mbenge has been arrested and he is being interrogated by police in Kitui while awaiting appearance in court. If convicted, the student is likely to serve a life imprisonment sentence behind bars.