We are been told by our elders that experience does not repeat a
mistake and lessons are drawn through monitoring and evaluation of
every implemented policies.These lessons serve as feedback to help
improve the status quo, correct mistakes,  to effect changes and
employ alternatives where necessary but I’m not seeing that in the
case of the Leadership of UEW.They keep on repeating mistakes.
UEW has celebrated or about to celebrate it’s silver jubilee, in the
light of this that I would like to add my voice to pertinent issues
that need attention.
There are a lot of problems this noble institution is bedeviled with.

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Firstly, students find it difficult to learn whenever ECG takes away
its light. Why can’t this noble institution boast of a plant at the
South Campus? Haven’t the authorities realized the plights of the
students whenever the light goes off? The leadership of the school
should wake up from their slumber for they have slept for long.
How much does a plant cost that the University cannot afford?
The SRC could also do something about this if the leadership of the
school sits unconcerned. I have seen them renovating the summer huts
at the South campus but I think that’s not enough, just as Oliver
Twist asked for more, we are also demanding same.We need plant!!!


Furthermore, I sometimes weep for this institution!
It’s left with barely two weeks for the end of semester exams but the
time table is not out yet.
Some lecturers have closed lecture but students don’t know what
subject to prepare for first. I don’t really get it and I don’t
understand why this school keeps on changing it’s academic calendar.
Some student in other universities in Ghana here knew the the time
they will start their exams and when they will end as soon as the
semester begins. Can’t we replicate same? Do we need a rocket
scientists to do that for us?
We must be serious for once and learn lessons from our mistakes.

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UEW should work again!!

I rest my case
Concern Student Of UEW