End of semester letter to my male tutors – An article written by Gbolo Johnson Yaw


Dear sir,I am not calling you sir because you deserved that title,maybe I call you by it because that’s what the world think you’re by appearance but never by behavior.But you know one vital thing too?Respect is reciprocal,so I’m giving the best I would give
my laissez faire father even though I know you would still give me yours no matter how I disrespect you in so many ways.

Dear sir,I am not just writing this because I feel like,I am writing this because I need to express my dissatisfaction vehemently and urgently.If I may ask”what makes some of you steered your wheels to the education sector? What makes you think some of you
should be called tutors or whatever? Yeah sometimes I understand some of you,it’s definitely hard work, dedication and even determination that brought you where you’re never proud to be at or even if you’re proud,I think the reason is something never
worth bragging about.

Dear Sir,do you like how you make our future wive’s labia minora a playing and relaxation field?do you like it?would you like it when one day and someday soon to come,it would happen just the way you loved and cherished how your avariciousness made
you enjoy all the unholy foods with your fully satisfied fat bellies?I’m not here to tell you where you’re wrong because your conscience and the countless degrees that won you the position you’re in now should at least tell you even if you lose your mind.

Dear sir,I think I hardly find it convincing myself with the fact that,we sometimes refer to ourselves as upper class animals yet we degrade the real upper animals by our imbecile and appalling behaviors.I don’t think in the animal kingdom,a male dog would ask
for sex or something more trivial to compensate wrongs.In fact some of you behave like dogs,you don’t even know shame,you don’t even know what makes someone lame,You just wanna enter every beautiful face you see without checking the enormous
and numerous hitches in those natural holes.

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Dear Sir,but please,are you also among the few that do counseling and guiding?I don’t think it should be your profession to best at somethings as a tutor,somethings should be your basics.But what do you counsel students on?what makes you think you’re
worth counseling some of us?You’re a not Basket Mouth or Funny Face but you’re a big joke sir,a big one as big as your pot belly and head.But what advise would you give your female child when she comes to you one day saying Daddy”I have failed two of my
subjects and I want to compensate my male course tutor with sex just for a pass mark?”what face would you have given? You would scowl your eyebrows right? You see where you don’t know anything sometimes?you teach about Karma but you forgot
where and how it works or it’s applied?Joke on your fat face once more.

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Dear sir,you know one funny thing too,the ladies you’re sharing those thorn dirty bed sheets with, just because you give them nothing extraordinary but just pass marks,ring our bells day and night more better than even a stranger without us displaying
anything of relevance.You should have asked how some of us do the magics,that would have been better.

Dear sir,I don’t blame you sometimes but I blame the ladies that chooses social media whiles lesson is ongoing in class.I don’t blame you many times because of those ladies with beautiful faces thinking that alone could get them the glamorous life and
whatever they desire and wish,sometimes they make us feel like to vomit,they make our “long Jon” loses its rigidity anytime and so many times we wanna track and trail your silly paths.They don’t make the game exciting.Sometimes we ask ourselves in our
solitude if we would ever get some of those to even call our wives.Sometimes its disheartening,because many of these ladies are born naturally intelligent but due to laziness and the fast life,they tend to lose everything even together with the artificial.

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Dear sir,this should not be a fight between us,this should just be me and you facing our own realities,accepting them or better still work tirelessly on them.This should not be something that should prevent you from delivering your best as our tutor,it should
rather motivate you to bring out and give the best tuition to your students or counsel and guide them on success.Maybe when they come doing all the antic styles on your office desk,just be a man,just remember you just won yourself a degree in theology,just remember what killed Samson and tell her thoughtfully”Don’t be like a Jezebel in my life,Success is never achieved in a day or after you and I had “a one night stand”success is hard work,success is determination,success is sleepless nights,success is chewing those midnight candles when they even refused to burn, success is suffering and sacrifice,success is everything challenging so you got to sit up and understand it’s rules and clues to get yourself a better,fulfilling and everlasting one.

Gbolo Johnson Yaw.