BORN TO DIE -An article written by Daniel Felix Ayibontey


What is the essence of birth?
When it ends in death
What’s the essence of breadth?
After you leave earth
What is the royalty of a maggot?
In the beak of a wild parrot
The most beautiful dance of a chick
Never pleases a hungry hawk.

I seek to know
Where do we Go?
When we lay down
This blood and this bone
I seek to know
Where do we go?
Who takes our soul?
When we die and go

Some say:
We reincarnate.
Some say:
When we die, we wait.
Some say:
When we die, we’re gone.
Some say:
We still live for long.

What a world we live in.
What is worth believing?
When the good keep leaving,
And the bad keep living.
In a day a man is born
In a day a man is gone.
A once joy of the morning;
Turned a cause for mourning

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All men become equal
When death makes its call
All hopes, pride and swiftness
Mold salutes to meekness.
For heaven and earth bare witness
That Hades knows no weakness.
It is fearful but not a lie
All shall one day, DIE.

Written by ©
University of Education, Winneba
Ga Dangme Department