Business ideas for University students -Paul Abrokwa (Political Science LEVEL 200)


Typing  and Editing Business

Most students have need to type their assignments, projects and thesis. If you have a personal computer, you can start up a typing business.

How this works is you collect the handwritten assignments and type in the evening, after school. If you lack speed-typing skills, install a typing tutorial software like Mavis Beacon and start practicing.

After typing, you take it to a computer center to print out at 20pecewas per page. You can charge between 70pecewas to GH₵1 per page for each typing job. This gives you a profit margin of between 50pecewas to 80pecewas per page. If you can type 20 pages per day, that gives you GH₵ 10 – GH₵ 16 daily and GH₵ 70 – GH₵ 112 weekly in extra income.