Everything Begins with Acceptance


There are so many people out there going through a lot of worse things in life they didn’t want to experience or are even doing things they didn’t want to do in life, be it in education, work or relationships and it isn’t working out perfectly for them no matter how hard they try. While other people beam with so much happiness in similar situations and enjoy life the way it approaches them.

The world is a very big place and there is very little we can do to influence it in a whole but there is a lot we can do to influence the small but huge world around ourselves as individuals. All I am trying to say is you can determine the route you take to work or school each day but you cannot determine the number of cars or people that pass you by as you go to these places.

Well, I believe that there is something simple we can do in life that can change huge things or turn things around in our lives and that is to “ACCEPT” first whatever we going through, whether bad or not. That sounds a bit counter intuitive and controversial but I will explain further.

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As humans we are taught to embrace positive things open heartedly and reject all things negative, that’s fine but I believe we must accept negativity warm heartedly too. I trust by now you wondering what I am hitting at because whatever that is worrying or dragging you back is certainly negative so why accept it, well that is positive thinking, great but there is one basic logical principle we forget that is the fact that we only switch on lights when we believe (ACCEPT) there is darkness.

In as much as we live in an imperfect world, negativity won’t only come knocking at our doors, but will barge into our rooms both invited and uninvited, same as positivity, but we first must accept both and after treat both circumstances differently. You accept positive things and maintain them but we accept negative things and work to change them, that is what makes the difference, because until you accept you have a problem you cannot look for a solution.

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I do not want you to think of this in the line of spirituality or faith, even if you want to that’s fine, you do not pray to God for forgiveness when you do not accept you have sinned, but you do when you believe and accept deep within your heart that you have sinned against God.

People will say you are poor because you say you are poor, well, I think there is nothing wrong with saying/accepting you are poor but what is actually wrong is accepting this circumstance and doing nothing to change it. I am poor and I know it, but I am doing nothing to change that status, I am sick and I know, but I am not going to the hospital to be healed, because when I accept that I am sick I am going to die, that is absolutely wrong. You do not accept a situation and maintain it unless it is positive.


What you need to learn and know is that the acceptance of any circumstance either positive or negative comes with an action after, either to work hard to maintain or grow it when it is positive or to change or find solutions when it is negative.

Stay Positive always.

Thank you.

Daniel K. Selormey

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