The Rise of Emmanuel Kojo Curtis Agbotse popularly known as Curtis


The name is Emmanuel Kojo Curtis Agbotse, people mostly call me Kojo Curtis, I am from a family of 8, for which I am the 6th born to my family. I come from Kpedze in the volta region of Ghana but I was born in Accra, Alajo to be precise. Growing up in a community like Alajo wasn’t easy for me as a kid but by the grace of God I pushed through. i started my elementary school in Alajo, New Star School.

Growing up as kids, we all had dreams and aspirations of becoming wealthy and successful in the future. We used to say ,I want to be a doctor, lawyer, bank manager and all other well to do professions, but today, the world has its own up and downs in our daily lifes. i became the compound overseer of my JHS at form 3.  After basic school, i then moved on to one of the best schools in the Volta region, Mawuli senior high school, and i must say Mawuli school has made me who i am today.

Most of my colleagues from Alajo dropped out from school because of quick way of getting money, so they couldn’t continue their education. Alajo is a zongo area in Accra, where everyone knows how the street live, i mean street life. I wanted to do business in Mawuli school because i was pursuing my dream of becoming a bank manager.. lol  funny huh,  but then my big brother who is mentoring me advised me to do General arts, specifically languages. It was soo funny when i stepped my foot in in the language class, can u imagine, the class was full of girls…hahaha, the guys were only 9, and the girls were abut 36 to 40

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Because where i was coming from, I didn’t want to mingle with girls, I liked the boys boys way of living, but my brother advised me to be focused and study hard. I wanted to become the school prefect of the school one day, My dream changed from a bank manager to a media personality since I was offering general arts,  I passed through Mawuli school from first year through to final year, where I became  the Compound Prefect of the school again,  when I had that position, i knew God had something in stock for me in the future.

Life in Mawuli school was not easy for me, I will never miss dinning hall food for anything in this world, because i didnt have enough provisions in my chop box, a chop box that had no padlock, is that one too a chop box, All the same, I was able to push through and completed  Mawuli school with flying colours.

Now this is where life started hitting me really hard, I had no one to help me to the university, so I asked myself whether I as going to end here or join my street boys in making money. Someone helped me from church to get a job at a printing press at Legon in Accra, I worked there for 3 to 4 years before I could buy university forms for myself.


I was enrolled in University of  Education, Winneba in 2016, I paid my own fees and accommodation when I was given  admission to the university to come and offer BSC ICT Education. I work hard in my department, I am very active and vibrant within the department and take part in activities, my Lecturers can attest to that.

I am loved by all in the department including lecturers and even students outside the department, although some people will just hate u for no reason. I spoke to Muntalar Mohammed a senior colleague in the ICT department about being a campus journalist because he is into that field, and was hosting a program on radio windy bay called TECH TALK at south campus of the university.

He pushed me to the studio, to watch and observe how things run over there. He later handed me over to Michael Etrue, who also thought me a lot of things I had to know in the studio, DJ Germinae also inspired me since we are all from the ICT  department. Thank God Today am fitting into the shoes of my immediate Bosses. A teaching Assistant from the ICT department, Boakye Agyemang, who started TECH TALK, also gave me advise on how to run the show since he is the original Pioneer of the show.
When it comes to entertainment, Charley don’t venture koraa ooo, am a master mind in that field, am the Official Mc  for campus clique known as Ninetys 90s, we organise Ninetys grind every semester.

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It doesn’t just end there…

Am also a core member of the Team A1 social group and when it comes to fashion…..hmmm…People appreciate me in all aspects, no doubt about it.
Curtis has a deep love for basketball and am part of the Ghartey hall basketball team and very religious as well. I am a vibrant member of the GHAMSU denominational group.

When it comes to his love life he’s very romantic and has a lovely fiancee, a beautiful lady from the BBA department called ………….., popularly known as Curtislina. So I will encourage everyone never to give up on their dreams and aspirations, no human can make u, only God can make u. i came from a zongo area and now God being soo good, am doing well in one of the best universities in Ghana.

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