4 ways volunteering can spur your career growth as a recent graduate


When thinking about self-development and growth in 2018, a great tool that one can use to not only to invest in others but also invest in themselves is community service.

One can derive a lot of joy from supporting various initiatives and communities through this community service. For anyone working towards a position of leadership, service to others is essential. According to Muhammed Ali, ” volunteering is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.”

Here are 4 reasons why volunteering can spur career and personal growth:

1.Volunteering can increase your skill base.

Working in different organizations as a volunteer, one can learn different skills. Sales, logistics management or even administrative skills can be fostered while volunteering.

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2.It provides work experience.

As a volunteer, one is exposed to a variety of situations. While working in an organization, a volunteer is offered the chance to experience working with others, submitting to tight deadlines and even taking on various responsibilities.

3.It encourages one to make connections.

Life is built on connections. Time spent volunteering offers one the chance to meet with other like-minded individuals and make connections. The chance to interact with others from different professions can be essential in fostering connections that could be of benefit later in your career.

4. It provides a different point of view.

Working with the disadvantaged in society is an eye-opening experience.  Whether you are passionate about ensuring that every child has access to education, or providing clean water support to a community, there are so many ways you can get involved to improve the lives of others. While working with different communities, one soon realizes how blessed they truly are. A renewed perspective can be beneficial not only in appreciating one’s blessings but also could inspire one to work harder.