Does personal development lead to career growth?


Dr. Akinyemi Wale, a well known International business strategist, consultant, author, inspirational speaker and leading newspaper columnist, in an amazing session on personal leadership at Lapid Leaders Africa. He shared the story of how he relocated from Nigeria to Kenya with nothing to his name. Many years after this brave move, he is one of the most successful, highly paid consultants in Kenya. He used his experience to explain the importance of personal development as a critical component of success.

When you invest in you, you can land in any part of this world, you can need to start from ground zero several time, but you will always succeed. This reminded me of a principle that the Jews live by and which is highlighted in the book Jewish Phenomenon written by Steven Silbiger: “Understand that real wealth is portable; it’s knowledge.”

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1.Knowledge is worth more than gold

Personal development is often undervalued. In a world where we get caught up in amassing physical wealth, we must always know that there is a direct correlation between one’s knowledge and growth. Even when looking for a job, the most important question to ask is not, what am I getting? Instead, you should ask, what am I becoming? Earl Shoaff is reported to have said, “If you want to be wealthy and happy, learn to work harder on yourself than you do your job.”Gaining more knowledge through short courses, and specialized seminars could be the defining factor that steers you to true success.

2.Skill advancement is invaluable

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To have more than you’ve got, become more than you are. The job market is a demanding place. Only those who are able to invest in themselves, are ahead of the pack. Taking time in developing your skills is a great investment in personal growth. Whether it be writing, coding or even sales having a combination of soft and hard skills always improves your chances of success. However, with every skill, a refresh is necessary to stay current.

3. Sociability is critical

There is a common saying that you are as good as the sum of 5 people that you hang around. As you begin to invest in your development, you begin to meet other extraordinary people who push you to your limits. The law of attraction states the energy you put out, is what you attract. And the same can be said about the type of person you are. So do you want to attract success or failure?

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4.Investing in yourself will always bear dividend

While you should never let money be your driving force to pursue personal development, personal development will always impact your income. Taking up a HELB loan to invest in your education, could unlock your potential.

Investing in yourself is one of the surest investments you’ll ever make!

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