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ANNE FRANK 1929-1945                                                                                                 I began this article by  throwing light on the background of Anne Frank and proceeds to talk of her diary that has been in existence since her death.. This article also throws light on a chapter of the diary she wrote on 1st August, 1944. The article also delves in my personal reflections of this great young woman in question… I concluded by commending Anne Frank for at least leaving behind a legacy which is still useful to our generation… Then comes the big question which is what legacies are we leaving behind which may benefit the generations to come?..

Anne Frank gained fame posthumously as a result of her publication of the diary of the young  girl …

Anne Frank was a German Jew  born on 12th June,1929 and died in 1945 under the Nazism regime… She was a victim of the Holocaust..

ANNE FRANKLIN  on 1st August, 1944.

On this day in 1944, Anne Frank penned her last entry into her diary.

“… Believe me, I’d like to listen, but it doesn’t work, because if I’m quiet and serious, everyone thinks I’m putting on a new act and I have to save myself with a joke, and then I’m not even talking about my own family, who assume I must be ill, stuff me with aspirins and sedatives, feel my neck and forehead to see if I have a temperature, ask about my bowel movements and berate me for being in a bad mood, until I just can’t keep it up any more, because when everybody starts hovering over me, I get cross, then sad, and finally end up turning my heart inside out, the bad part on the outside and the good part on the inside, and keep trying to find a way to become what I’d like to be and what I could be if … if only there were no other people in the world.”

Three days later, Anne was arrested with her family in the “secret annex” of a house in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where they had hidden for two years. She later died at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp when she was 15. Anne was a victim of the Holocaust…

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Anne Frank to me was and  will  always be one remarkable young lady who with her family endured the unthinkable. The suffering was unbearable and to be captured and later die at such a young age at a concentration camp saddens me immensely.

Her diary is her legacy to the world and her writing was never in vain.In the words of  Edward  Tekura, he said  “l remember reading about her when I was in my teens and how I cried for this courageous and brave little girl who like many others suffered unnecessarily”.

Notwithstanding, Anne Frank to me was also  a shining light in a world of darkness.  At least her history through her diary was shared with the world…

Conclusively, just 15years Anne Frank spent on this earth, she was able to add impact and her legacy left behind is still useful thus: her diary … So once there’s life now, we should try our maximum best to leave good legacies behind which the yet unborn generations may benefit….

Anne Frank did her part and is gone… Now the big question is what are we doing of which may benefit the generations to come?


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