Corruption at GES :Atwima Kwanwoma Education Director charges Gh¢1000 to grant Transfers


Corruption in Ghana has become a daily affair with the Education Sector not left out in the dilemma.

The major aspect of corruption at the Ghana Education Service is being centred at the Managerial Positions which includes the District, Municipal and Metropolitan Education Offices.

The Atwima Kwanwoma District Education directorate has been in this corruption business for quite sometime now ,of which the IPPD Coordinator was alleged to have charged teachers varied amount of monies when dealing with them officially.

The latest news reaching is the lamentations by the teachers and headmasters in the district with regards to the high rate of corruption going on in the Education directorate.

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It seems measures putting in place by the government to eradicate high rate of corruption in the country is just an exercise in futility as the rate of corruption in the Ghana Education Service especially Atwima Kwanwoma District, in the Ashanti region is enrormous as the head of the District Directorate Mr. Richard N. Vuwurah demands money and gifts from Headteachers and teachers before he signs their documents on his table.

Information gathered from the District Directorate reveals that, if you are a headteacher or teacher and don’t pay money to the director, your documents will be on his table till thy kingdom come. And even if he will attend to it, he will frustrate you by cancelling the forms until you follow his suit.

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This revelation was made when the headteachers needed him to sign their documents in order for them to withdraw ‘Capitation’ a money that government has budgeted for every basic school in order for them to run the affairs of the schools, took some headteachers closely to three months before signing for them. Meanwhile, those who took the forms to his house with gifts and money got theirs  signed.

The investigations further reveal that,Mr. Vuwurah charges at least GH500 to GH1000 before a teacher can get transfer from one school to another.