Nketia: It’s yet another privilege oooo, its gonna be fun!!
Kojo: oow why the noise?
Nketia : It’s GEOSA week celebration 2018
Nketia: oow you don’t know about that?
See bro  GEOSA’s week celebration has been the most interesting events in the History of faculty of Social sciences.
Kojo: Saaa!
Nketia: Yes oooo Kojo.
Its normally packed with interesting and educative programs like Seminars, Health Walks, Clean up exercises, GEOSA rep your school and games like , Volleyball, Almighty aponkye cup and Athletics
Kojo: Wow, eeeei GEOSA fo wokrom oooo
Nketia: This year’s own is gonna be fantabrutal , we are “Exhibiting our True Nature this time round”
Kojo: Spare me the details bro, I have heard enough.
Nketia: Hehehe wait wait!! let me take through the activities again,
  • Seminars
  • Hot Debate competition
  • Interactions with academia(lecturers )
  • Games (Almighty aponkye cup)
  • GEOSA rep your school.. Where everyone is going to represent his former school. It’s going to be mind-blowing.
Nketia: Kojo which village school will you represent
Kojo: Haha I am going to represent Bodwesango senior high (GREAT BODSEC) and you?
Nketia: eeii!! hahaha, me am representing Asanteman senior high of course.. Real Asass.. Nananom we are in town.
….come and represent your school
We are going green this year
Kojo: Eeeei, GEOSA goes green week celebration!!!
Get your green t-shirt and the old school uniform and let’s get on the street’s.
GEOSA week celebration’18 loading…..90%
GEOSA!!!   Ambassadors of nature
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Kwadow Frimpong

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