The Principal of the St. Vincent College of Education has been given a one-week ultimatum by the leadership of the Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana (TTAG) to refund all monies paid by some 70  Students who were sacked by the institution.

This supposed Sacked Students were victimized because they were admitted with the wrong grades as enshrined in the  entry requirements for admission in 2017/2018.

The students are said to have gained admission into the college despite scoring D7 grades in English, Mathematics and Science.

Meanwhile,according to a statement issued by the Teacher Trainees leadership, they believed the Principal, Erasmus Nario Multi, deliberately flouted the National Council for Technical Education (NCTE) regulations by admitting the students even though they were unqualified and “later pushed the blame to innocent students.”

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“Per our consultations and interactions with the affected students and after critical scrutiny of both receipts and admission letters of such students, it is very clear that about 98% of the students affected were admitted after the admission requirements have been released by the NCTE,” the statement added.

The leadership suggested that  the affected students should be given an avenue to better their WASSCE results, rather than dismissing them.

The leadership believed the students spent one semester in college and took part in the End of First Semester Examination conducted by the University of Cape Coast, Institute of Education and so could not be left to suffer their fate.