[Article] – I can’t stay away


Our memories keep replaying on the walls of my eyes and that makes it hard to forget you. I love you and I want to forget you. I always end up embarrassing myself just to please you yet I can’t stay away too.

The soul is willing but the flesh is weak. In as much as I want to stop drinking, I keep telling myself it’s the last shot, the last tot. Tomorrow I won’t take anymore but here I am taking another sip because hours have just erased the promise I made to myself. But tomorrow may never come. Now staying away from what I hate to do seem impossible.

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Smoking isn’t good for my health. It kills, Yes, I know and don’t want to die. I want to go high because everything around me makes me feel low. Within me I want to quit but I can’t stay away too.

In as much as the Bible states that it’s all vanity, I have to be content with what I have yet I still I want to have it all, from the cars to the phone, shoes, bags, clothes etc. They’re my priority and I don’t mind losing my dignity and pride to it. I know it’s not worth it but the truth is I can’t stay away.

I don’t want to have sex till I get married but we kissed and it all happened like in a trance. Damn! The Bible says flee but here I am. I can’t stay away from that nice feeling. It takes me to heaven, yeah that feeling so strong that I want to have it all. I can’t stay away

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But I know with Christ in the vessel, if I go on my kneels He’ll guide me and all my addictions would go away. It’s possible. I believe it so must.