This article is a wonderful piece which take us back to the independence era in Ghana.
The article also talks about three heroines who contributed massively in the attainment of our independence… They are Ama Nkrumah, Sussana Al-Hassan, and Conventional Hannah.
In this article, each paragraph talks about one of the Heroines.
I concluded by drawing out strong conclusion which seems to motivate and inspire women to be strong and contribute their quota to the development of mother Ghana.
To begin with Ama Nkrumah, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah had this to say about her “while I was in jail and the party organization was at its most critical period, I learned that at a rally in Kumasi, a woman party member adopted the name of Ama Nkrumah (Ama being the female equivalent of “Kwame”) got up on the platform and ended the fiery speech by getting hold of a blade and slashing her face. Then smearing the blood over her body, then she challenged the men to do likewise in order to show that no sacrifice was too great in their united struggle for freedom and independence” (the Autobiography of Kwame Nkrumah: Thomas Nelson and sons, 1957).
She was a strong pillar when it comes to matters of Ghana’s Independence struggle. She was not related to Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, in fact her real name is unknown but she adopted this name during the colonial era. Ama was a fearless woman who showed great courage just like the great African leader. She gave everyone a reason to still fight on.

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Also, the next woman who is Susuana Al-Hassan who was Nick named as the voice of the North. She was first northern female hero who helped in the struggle for independence. She was an author and politician. She was the first African woman to hold a cabinet portfolio and became the first female to be appointed as minister of state . She also served as the Member of Parliament for northern region.

In furtherance, Conventional Hannah came into the scene when the men were down. she was always available to carry the agenda through. In 1948 riot, when the BIG SIX were arrested, Hannah mobilized a mammoth gathering of Ghanaians from all works of life.
She led them to petition the colonial masters for the release of the big six. She is the founder of the All African Women’s League in 1960, She served as the party organizer and propaganda secretary of CPP during her days.
She was known as “Convention Hannah", but her real name is Hannah Cudjoe. A strong crusader in the pursuit of Ghana’s independence.

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In conclusion, ending the chapter of Ama Nkrumah, Indeed, no sacrifice is too great for Ghana.
The courage of women is not shown in competing men, but complimenting them to fight the common enemy of humanity.. Also, We may all not do great things, but we can all do something for Ghana.
We are all involved in building our mother land as Susuana Al-Hassan contributed her quota years ago and finally, we have to remember the gallant women who fought side by side with our men, in the independence struggles…Indeed they are our heroines and therefore must be celebrated.

1.The Autobiography of Kwame Nkrumah: Thomas Nelson and sons, 1957
2.Credit: Nathaniel Alpha/Raw Africa site.