[Article] : The caterpillar

Appearing from another realm. Being disqualified by others because it state is ugliness. Hoping that someday soon it would be glorify, little did it know it was just a matter of time, The caterpillar.
Yes the caterpillar. Who loves the caterpillar… no one.
The holy books states there is time for everything, with the bye bye from loved ones, giving assurance you would one day be glorify.
It was told by a private eye who was passing by.
I know of the butterflies glory and also know of the caterpillars struggles.
Who Would love the caterpillar.. No one.
We all love the butterfly.
It kept so long, it look ages, but it needed all that stages so others can testify. It stages teaches us that changes in life is real.
That a “no body” can be a somebody, a wingless.. Would fly someday.
Now victory is in, dressed up in a bow tie, the crowd stands up to magnify.
Who would love the caterpillar?

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