Brides Arrive In Exam In Their Wedding Gowns To Write Uni Final Year Exam Due To Date Clash


Two Nigerian brides have caused a stir on social media with a picture of them dressed in their wedding gowns and taking their university final year exams.


According to the two ladies, Dorcas Atsea and Deborah Atoh, who are both students of Benue State University in Nigeria’s Middle Belt region, their wedding dates had been fixed way before their exam which was scheduled for February.
However, as a result of inadequate facilities at the university, the examination had to be rescheduled and unfortunate, fell on the same date of their wedding. Deborah Atoh who was disturbed by the clashing dates approached the examination officer for assistance but was bluntly told to choose between her wedding or her final exam.
The brides who are both Mass Communication students, then decided to exchange their vows early, rush to school for their exams and rush back to attend their wedding receptions. According to the brides, the entire exam hall burst out in joy as they arrived in all their splendor to sit for the final exam.
They revealed that many of their friends were happy that they had arrived to sit for the exam despite the pressure involved in getting married. They were sitting for a “Media Ethics and Law” exam which had to be rescheduled to the day they were saying “I do”. Dorcas Atsea revealed that she was very excited to be getting married to the love of her life and also completing school at the same time.
She added that her classmates were in a joyous mood as she entered the class. The course’s lecturer, Benjamin Ogbu, explained that the exam could not be rescheduled because of just two people because it was going to be unfair to the others and the process involved was cumbersome. The two ladies quickly sat for the exam and rushed back to their wedding receptions since their guests were patiently waiting for them.



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