UEW SRC goes indigenous with Rep Your Culture celebration


Culture they say resides in the hearts and soul of its people and this was exactly what students of UEW replicated at the maiden edition of the Rep your culture concert. The Amalgamated Sports and Clubs society, uew awakens and roars with a mesmerizing episode of the series of activities for this year’s SRC celebration which got many students exploding with much fun.

The programme dubbed ‘Rep Your Culture’ saw the various cultural elements and ethnic unions on campus flaunt their rich and undiluted cultural heritage with steady dance moves unleashed on traditional songs. The event gained momentum with the arrival of the Ashanti Students Union (ASU). Their arrival caused significant notice and aroused enormous interest from onlookers which culminated in a lot of canopies and chairs being filled up.

The programme made progress with the arrival of the Volta Region Students Association of Ghana (VORSAG) displaying their popular “agbadza” dance. Followed was the Dagomba Students Association representing the Northern Region of Ghana displaying their Nagbegu dance.

The last group to officially arrive at the event was the Ga-Adangbe Students Union. The arrival of the four cultural clubs provided fertile grounds for the inception of the programme. Another club present at the ceremony but did not officially march in like the recognized clubs mentioned above is the Rotaract club of UEW.

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After the arrival of the various groups and clubs, the program officially begun with a remarkable speech by the committee chairman Ahmed Boadu welcoming each and every stakeholder and the various dignitaries present at the occasion. The forecourt of Ghartey hall block B was packed with lot of students and non-students glaring at the amazing performances from the various cultural associations.The first to display its fine culture was VORSAG, with their ladies burning and shaking their butts vigorously whiles taking calculated steps at a time and rolling white hankies in both hands.

The men on the other hand held the waist of the ladies’ whiles taking steps according to the movement of the lady in front of each man. This was how VORSAG Uew performed the accustomed borborbor dance – with style and attitude.

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Next on the performance bill was the Dagomba student’s association performing the energetic takai dance. The takai dance saw strong men rolling in the locally made batakari (smock) and greeting each other in a very unique manner whiles their ladies did similar dance but with a faster movement of the feet. The Ga Adangbe student union lightened up the place with a splendid performance of the kpanlogo dance, keeping everyone on their feet.

The last but definitely not the least to perform was from the Ashanti student union (ASU). Beginning with an exceptional introduction of the represented king and the union as whole followed by fantastic and well-rehearsed speech by the represented king of the Ashanti kingdom. ASU’s performance ended with a beautiful display of the entrancing Adowa dance in a grand style. Other equally overwhelming rendition from the Rotaract club of UEW cannot be overlooked.

The student community present was enticed and thrilled with back to back old times music from the likes of Amakyedede, Papa Yankson, Blay Ambuley, etc. The event certainly got students out of their hostels and residential halls as the various groups projected high standards of cultural dexterity.

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In all the maiden edition of rep your culture was an absolute success and such a wonderful moment to resonate our origin and heritage as Ghanaians. We say kudos to the Amalgamated sports and club society for this spectacular initiative. Uew students hope to witness a much better and bigger rep your culture concert come next year.

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