UEW talented singer set to join ‘KECHE’ after a surprise performance at SRC Week artiste night.


It is not something new when a mainstream artist tries to discover up and coming artist. A typical example can be drawn from just the recently held VGMA where SAMINI unveiled DEON BOAKYE for the whole world to witness. One beautiful thing about this is that when a mainstream artist unveils an up and coming artist then obviously there is something special about the latter…

The question now is, who at all is PURE FANTE. Well, he was born in Takoradi but grew up in Cape Coast where he had his secondary education hence his ability to speak fluently the Fante dialect from these two towns and also blend it in his rap, making it very interesting to listen to him. If one is familiar with those languages then I’m sure you will agree with his fans that he is indeed the purest Fante rapper. It wasn’t surprising when he acknowledged KECHE as hisfavorite music artist in Ghana. He told us he has followed keche since they released their first hit song ‘OMO GEMI’. He also has that kinda love for TH4Kwages, Sass Squad and Kwaw Kese for paving the way for the emergence of other Fante rappers. He also admires other rappers like Sarkodie, Okyeame Kwame, Kinaata, Edem, Teephlow and others who represent their people in the rap business and that actually inspired him to rap in his mother tongue as well.

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Frankly speaking, my stage name is not Pure Fante as you people know. The stage name really is KAGARMY. You see?  But then because I do Pure Fante rap my fans chose to call me that’.

When asked whether he is okay with the name (Pure Fante) he smiled and said

‘Breda without the fans we won’t be there so if they have recognized me and acknowledged what am doing I don’t have any problem with the name’. Do you have any connection with Keche, do you know them in person? Are we to expect any collaboration soon?  Are they signing you onto their label?


This is what he said with a smiling face, ‘ Eeiiiiii Breda why ma questions no mbra one after the other. With respect to whether  I no them or not I will say no comment. Any collaboration? Well, let see what happens? Buh I know them to be people with a good heart. As to whether am gonna be signed onto to their team I can’t disclose it now but everything is possible huh?? I mean fate has a plan for everyone one right? He asked quizzically.

Pure Fante is currently at the faculty of social sciences reading B.A Geography education at UEW. I believe by now my single ladies are already asking the obvious question. Well, he’s not married which is very obvious and also not in any serious relationship but before you think of jumping into this pool I will give you some lines from one of his raps. “Kagarmy ah )y3 some boy bi a, ne suban nyinaa w’ay3 d3 gangalia, )p3 adze no etu a na w’ay3 tsed3 taalia, otu wia, oh fih) k) mamamia.” There u go my ladies, u decide.

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There u go UEW, you have a great rapper with a crazy sense of humour. if I were u, I would grab him now.

Until then let keep our fingers crossed and see what pure Fante has to offer UEW and Ghana at large. More grease to your elbow the PURE FANTE RAPPER!!

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