UG: VANDALS Divided on JCR Press Conference Against “Ghana-USA Military Deal


The Junior Common Room (JCR) of Commonwealth Hall popularly christened as ‘VANDALS’, an all-male Hall of resident in the University of Ghana have debunked a statement suggesting that the Hall would hold a press conference on Thursday, April 5, 2018 to condemn the deal between the Government of Ghana and the USA to set up a “US Military Base” in the country.

President of Common Hall, Prosper Boahen issued a statement on Wednesday, April 4, 2018 to inform members of the hall about intended action by leaders of the hall to collaborate with African Youth Improvement Foundation and Economic Fighters League to address the media to register their displeasure about the Ghana-US Military Agreement.

Notice to Vandal signed JCR President to Members on Press Conference

Notice to Vandals signed JCR President to Members on Press Conference

However,  Leadership of the House of Lords of CommonWealth hall has issued a communique stating that they know nothing about the press conference and that members should desist from participating in it.

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Read Full statement Below;

Following the issue surrounding the statement issued from the JCR President on a press conference slated to take place on Thursday 5th March, 2018, on the issue; USA and Ghana 2018 joint military agreement, the House of Lords of Commonwealth Hall seeks to state categorically that the entire JCR is alien to the said document and encourages members of the JCR as well as the entire student populace to disregard the said statement and desist  from participation and promotion of the said  statement. 

Per article 8(4)(c) of the Commonwealth Hall JCR constitution, matters of such nature are explicitly stated on how it is supposed to be done. 

The Leadership of the House of Lords Commonwealth Hall would by this medium assure members of its commitment to serving the interest of the hall. 


  • Hon Daniel Bakomora – (Secretary, House of Lords) 0273700532
  • Rt. Hon Godwin Akadzro – (Presiding Member, House of Lords) 0206616149
  • Hon Michael Mawunyo Kokoroko – (Deputy Presiding Member, House of Lords) 0243346945
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Students of commonwealth hall are known as VANDALS, an acronym for VIVACIOUS, AFFABLE, NEIGHBORLY, DEVOTED, ALTRIUSTIC and LOYAL.

They address each other as V-MATES and the popular response is SHARP.  It is the only male hall on campus. It is also the only hall that upholds customs and traditions.

VANDALS are said to be arguably the voices of the entire student body. They pride themselves with leadership qualities and unity, no wonder OLD VANDALS are always proud of the hall. You dare not go to the romantic vandal city in RED if you are a girl.

JCR PRESIDENT: Prosper Boahen