#UGdecides: Why Fourth Year Medical Student Was Elected As SRC President


Fourth year medical student, Mr. Sylvester Amoako has been elected President of the University of Ghana Student Representative Council.

After the election hit a run-off as all five Presidential candidates could not get the required 50% plus one vote, the two front-runners, Mr. Sylvester Amoako, and Mr. Clement Bofa-Oppong battled it out on Thursday, April 24, 2018.

The run-off saw an incredible increase in the turnouts, and the most surprising was the number of persons who exercised their franchise at the Law Faculty polling station.

The Law Faculty polling station had over 1000 persons taking their turns to cast their ballot.

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Again, due to cases of over voting in the Jean Nelson Aka Hall and the Volta Hall polling stations, the Electoral Commission, in accordance to the Constitutional Instrument for conducting elections, annulled the results from the two polling stations.

Per the results officially declared by the Electoral Commissioner for the SRC, Mr. Clement Bofa-Oppong and his running mate pulled 3,408 votes representing 48.24% with Sylvester Amoako and Adom Anokwah taking the lead with 3,655 votes representing 51.25 % making him the SRC President elect of the University of Ghana for the 2018/2019 academic year.

Prior to his election as President, Sylvester was determined not to promise students anything he cannot fulfill, because he would need the good people of UG to endorse him on any platform he stands. Notwithstanding, he won the votes of many students based on his policies which most students saw to be realistic and achievable.

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Sylvester’s policies are focused on the following;

  • Creating Internally Generated Funds (IGFs) for the SRC.
  • Stabilizing shuttle fares by introducing a Graded Shuttle Fare System.
  • Revamping the various week celebrations—especially the SRC Week—to make them more student-centered.
  • Increasing security on campus for all students regardless of their hall or hostel of residence and
  • Curbing the problem of *apathy* towards activities and projects of the UG-SRC.

Let’s see how it goes for Slydom and his co-executives in the next academic year.

Mr. Sylvester Amoako takes over from Mr. Daniel Otting Awuah, the presidential candidate he lost against in last year’s polls.