DEEP SEARCH – A memoir to all level 400s. Caesar writes


Make time and read. Without reflection, reading is of no benefit!

Long hours in the queue: eventually you got your forms filled and by grace admission was offered.

Happily you came to school. In front of the Halls, you met so many friends who are also hungry for knowledge. To you everybody was new until everybody became a friend, an acquaintance, and a bestie!

 Your first day in class, I can recount the nostalgic anxiety that framed your mind and emotions. Jargons and subject specific vocabulary were your tasted peanuts. As if life will never end!

 Two years on, some of your friends died (may their souls rest in Perfect Peace), others left for abroad, some trailed parts of the academic papers but you are still you.

 Few of the daring ones have started businesses, buying and selling, ‘network marketocracy’ paid the dues and fees of others. Topical were those who prided themselves as activists; a fraction became leaders, others that will be a dream for the future.

 Today as you sit and think, has your four years in school been beneficial?

How many contacts have you established?

Are you sure of employment?

Were there decisions you’ve regretted not making or made?

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 Well, to some extent we may be ‘wechatting’ but individually, our fears, anxieties and secret tears still rest in our unseen self.

 The fear of unemployment, delays in marriage, unproductive friendship, immature analysis of unimportant things, family demands, all these are the difficultties we are exposed to.

 Yesterday, as I saw the feeling of contentment in the faces of some of you, I was ecstatic until others expressed unhappy sides because ‘the unknown future’ stares at them.

 There were times you needed to be a bit patient, tolerant, trustworthy and uncompromising but you left the pincers unattended to.

 You’ve made mistakes in school, you failed to make your marks as expected, your CGPA was messed up, you courted a guy/lady who made you ‘a ridicule’ even in your closet but it is OK.

 It is part of the lessons you must learn into the world. Be reminded that all the lessons you learnt; consciously or unconsciously have contributed to your personality today.

 You are wiser, prettier and emotionally balanced because of the experiences.

The way forward:

 My brothers and sisters, the world out there is not rosy. It is a world that thrives in thorns and thistle; dangerous adventures and fatal trials.

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 It is a world in which people won’t believe in you until you have proven to be. Your core principles you consider a treasure is a baggage of filth in the sight of someone.

Let me be frank with you, you wouldn’t see some of your friends again till death. Some of you also will not be employed until you employ yourself. The fortunate ones will have something to live on for some time. The rest of us will have to grind our teeth and wine with either NABCO or Youth employment.

 For the rest of the days ahead of you, your life is in your hands; don’t waste any opportunity. Whether home sweet or not, you determine the pace of your progress.

 Forget the childish thoughts; forgive those who offended you in school. Take life as bold event; believe in your abilities, trust your flaws, dine and wine with failures and winners alike but be determined to succeed!

 Don’t sleep! Dress, move out, and speak to people in their offices. Keep going; don’t take a ‘NO’ for an answer. Be there every day until finally you are given an opportunity to demonstrate your skills.

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My wish for you!

I wish you well, in all you do. I trust that you get the heart a desire it wishes, the soul a dream it needs and the spirit a gratification of heaven!

Don’t love salary, love to work without money. Demonstrate your skills first before demanding a price to it.

 I want to see some of you in Politics, Ministry, Academia, Commerce and in your best fields of endeavour.

 Above all, please, if you find a man or woman who believes in you, marry him or her!

Life is too short. Get to enjoy your marriage; there are blessings in there!

 Congratulations on your 8/8. It has not been easy! Don’t forget to take good care of yourself!

 I will keep praying for you till we meet again!

 God bless us all!

Caesar, Ebenezer Tetteh (A citizen)

University of Education, winneba

Department of Ga-Dangme Education