Elsha’s Hub: The society’s concept of Beauty.


As I pondered over this, my life was centered in the wonder of a reminder of a community I happen to be a member. The word beautiful had been the cause of many outcasts and stand outs but I believe that when we work out, we can single out the odds.

Personality may differ but the content in the commodity shows the publicity of the originality, why do I say this? Beauty has been misinterpreted by society to the extent that indecency has become the hallmark of this community entangled with beauty.

I dare not raise my voice and talk about talent when makeovers are the prime factors of the accepted theory of being beautiful; I dare not stand against over imitation of foreign customs when the society accepts indecency as fashion ; I dare not try being myself when lies happen to be the core values of the society-embraced form of Beauty. But I object to be shallow minded but explore to enlarge my horizon, so I utter the truth and realities of being beautiful:

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Being beautiful means you accept that you’re amazing just the way you are as ‘Bruno Mars’ said.

Beauty comes with decency, discipline, determination and direction. Without focus nothing seems beautiful.

The utilization of your brain, talents and resources rightly towards your aspirations shows the your level and understanding of Beauty.

Don’t be misled by society’s perspective of beauty for your achievements, impacts, personality and content would be used as the solution to the equation of your beauty.

Stay True and Be Yourself; No need for imitation