[Featured Article]: COMPULSORY FRENCH INTO ALL TERTIARY INSTITUTIONS -written by Solomon Kusi Boadi (Escoba)


French language is an international language that is very important for every citizen of Ghana to learn because Ghana is surrounded by francophone countries (Togo, Burkina Faso and La Côte D’Ivoire.) Out of 15 countries who are members of Economic of West African States (ECOWAS), 9 of them are Francophone countries. This shows how important the learning of French language is to you an individual.

His Excellency President Nana Akuffo Addo and his government has done its best to make French a core subject at the Senior High Level and very soon will be below to the basic school. Many institutions across Ghana are doing their best to inculcate the learning of French into learners. Institutions such as University of Energy and National Resources, University of Education, Winneba, University of Development Studies, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, University of Ghana and other government and privates institutions.

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University of Energy and National Resources (UENR) is a public-funded national institution and is one of the best institutions who is trying its maximum best to spread the learning of French Language in Ghana. UENR takes into account areas, such as economics, law and policy, management, science, technology and engineering, as well as social and political issues affecting energy and natural resources. A programme offered in UENR campus does french as a compulsory course. The French is done for 5 semesters out of 8 semesters.

This is a very nice approach of helping President Akuffo Addo’s government to achieve the spreading and learning of French Language. It is then presumed that, at the end of the 5 semesters, every student will be able to express him/herself in basic French and also know the French terms and vocabularies in their area of study.

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Example is a student offering Mechanical Engineering or Resource and Entrepreneurship Management. At the end of the 5 semesters, the student will be capable to know most of the vocabularies in mechanics or in entrepreneurship in French. This will enable every student to communicate at least a little professional French when he/she finds him/herself in a francophone country or even at the international market.

The probability of French people at the international market is very high due to the connections that Mother Ghana has with the Francophone countries. UENR’s initiative in offering compulsory French is the best approach and government should intervene and help UENR to continue implementing the learning of French language.

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I hereby recommend the President of Ghana and its government to enforce the compulsory learning of French Language to all programs in all government tertiary institutions in Ghana.


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