[Featured Article]: Be Vigilant, written by Solomon Kusi Boadi (Escoba)

  • Who do you share your dreams and problems with?
  • Do you always put your trust in your friends, husband, wife, parents, boyfriend or girlfriend or even your relatives?
  • Do you always break your secrets to a friend you trust most?

Trust No One.

  • Have you turn into Information Minister or a journalist to your partners? (That you always report daily activities and issues to your partner or family relative?)

Be Vigilant

Remember, no one is a secret banker. Even banks centers where monies are kept safe, at times, there are some misappropriation and leakages of money. So as the one you trust and always tell him/her your problems. He/she cannot keep your secret forever but will rather expose it when it is full.

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Every human being has an iota of jealousy but some people’s own is too much. Not everyone wants the best for you. God is the one who wants the best for you. Prayer is the best and appropriate way to share problems and dreams. Channel all your problems in prayers to God and He is the best person to our problems and stop being an Information Minister.

Do you receive allowances for selling your problems, secrets and dreams Information Minister? The Partner you trust may never meant to be with you forever. In case you break up with him/her, do you think your secret and dreams are safe? Be wise. Trust No One except God. He is the perfect match.

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May the Almighty God help us to consider Him as the only problem solver and the safest person to keep ours secrets.

Asomdwoe nka wo.

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