[Featured Article]: THE NEW UEW – written by Oppong Brown Emmanuel

The University of Education, Winneba  main campus is gradually on the road to make it’s students have a comfortable stay on campus. Apart from the University’s role to maintaining it’s peaked dignity by competing to confirm its layed down goals and objectives in the academic field of students, the university been noted for it’s vast improvements in setting up correct and educative infrastructures for students has again raised the bar to the next level which is to instill and ensure smooths and happy stay of students on campus.
The current University management led by the current sworn in Vice Chancellors Prof.  Rev.  Anthony Afful-Broni have put in place the following :
Renovation of works on various halls of the University after propagating the IN OUT OUT OUT system of accommodating students which is to host a lot of freshers on campus. The University’s concern of protecting students has fixed an electronic gate at the entrance to regulate vehicular traffics in other to protect lives and properties.
To add up is the improved internet connectivity which has been one of the main concern of students during academic work such as project works, assignments etc. With over 200  more access points (Wi-Fi)  to enhance a rapid catch up in the academics of students.
Next is the abolished payment of full payment of fees before registration to 50% of fees for registration which can be done not only on campus but anywhere.
Lastly is the new computer laboratory set up at the FES building to equip research to run smoothly for students so as to augment the stress students go through at the one at the south campus.
Oppong Brown Emmanuel
UEW main campus
L200 French student.